Why was my class/workshop cancelled?

We hate to do it, but sometimes it just happens. Weather has unfortunately been a factor, and for safety and comfort, Raku has been cancelled on occasion. While unlisted, each of our instructors provide us with a minimum number of students for class or workshop enrollment. If a class or workshop is cancelled, the student will be given the option of transferring credit to another workshop or a full refund.

Can you fix my grandmother’s broken china plate?

Probably not. Once something like that is broken, it is most likely going to stay that way. The same thing goes for rebuilding the shattered sculpture from your uncle. While it is not food safe, we do recommend PC-7, PC-11 or any other air-drying epoxy for putting it back together at home. All are available at most hardware stores.

Do you offer “Paint Your Own” pottery?

While we offer many opportunities to get creative (Raku, Workshops & Classes!), Mighty Mud is not a distributor of bisqueware or molds. We do carry a full line of glazes, underglazes, cones and other supplies for at-home artists.

We are not affiliated but a recommendation for those interested in Paint Your Own is Liza Moz, located at West Town Mall as well as Prater’s Pour House located in North Knoxville

Can I fire work at Mighty Mud?

The artist is responsible for knowing the proper firing temperature of both their clay and glaze. Work will take 2-3 weeks to fire and is completed by our staff. (Mighty Mud may refuse to fire questionable items)

Bisque Firing con 06/04: $10 for the first shelf; $5 for each additional shelf.
Glaze Firing cone 5/6: $15 for the first shelf; $7.50 for each additional shelf.

Is the studio available for use by non-students?

Open Studio at Mighty Mud is for those with previous clay experience, competent in completing desired tasks on their own and does not include any instruction.

Hourly Open Studio Rental Hours are during regular business hours Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm unless there is another class or workshop in session. These hours are subject to change without notice. Space is available on a first come basis and wheels cannot be reserved.

The cost of Hourly Open Studio Rental is $10/hour per person with a minimum of one hour.