Artist in Residence

Mighty Mud’s 2019/2020 Artist in Residence

Mighty Mud is a unique, urban ceramic centric studio, our almost 16,000 square foot facility includes: 42 artist studios with 50+ local artist renting space in those studios and an average of 1000 students per year. Mighty Mud has a gallery, an exhibition space, and a weekly presence at Downtown Farmers Market. We have 16+ electric wheels, glaze lab, 4+ indoor electric kilns, proposed Wood kiln, Gas reduction kiln, slab rollers, extruders, documentation (photo booth) area, spray booth, and large outdoor area for projects. Mighty Mud’s artist-in-residence program provides a unique opportunity for artists to work in a collaborative community of artists. Artists-in-Residence are encouraged to develop their existing bodies of work and explore new processes and concepts, and will be encourage to do monthly critiques with members. The residency allows artists to shape and structure their time to fit their own goals. Residents spend some of their time working as a studio technician and retail operations. They also will have opportunities to teach their own classes. Special consideration will be granted to applicants who have operated and/or helped construct wood or soda kilns. Mighty Mud plans to build a wood kiln during the 2019/20 residency and the resident will be highly involved in the process.

Holly Grob

Current Resident 2019/2020

Holly Grob is inspired by Place. Elements that constitute what we consider a Place, how that differs from city to city, country to country, has driven Grob in her search for artistic meaning. Travel is crucial to her practice and is how she somehow ended up living in Tennessee all the way from Billings, Montana. Observations of the difference in architecture, landscapes, social structure, culture, cuisine, and infinite others help to create Grob’s chosen form of expression in mixed media installation. Grob graduated from Montana State University Billings in 2015 with a BFA in sculpture and ceramics. Montana’s ceramic culture is unparalleled and such a thrill to be a part of that she fell in love with the medium. Since graduating, she has completed residencies at the MART Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, The Vermont Studio Center, and The Clay Studio of Missoula, Montana. In what she believes to be the ultimate expression of Place, Grob has also been working in the wine industry, participating in the 2018 harvest in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. She plans to continue traveling, but in the meantime is enjoying experiencing what Tennessee has to offer!

About the AIR Program.

AIR’s are expected be at Mighty Mud for a minimum of 20 hours a week, which includes 10 hours per week of work for the studio. The 1st three months of residency will be considered a trial period, at any time during the trial 90 days the resident or Mighty Mud can terminate the arrangement. Some everyday responsibilities include: maintaining equipment and space, promoting classes, regular posting on social media, loading and unloading kilns, mixing glazes, studio wash downs, presenting workshops, art slide talks and organizing exhibitions. Please submit the following information to our on-line application no later than May 1, 2019 (no emailed or mailed submissions will be accepted after that.)

Apply to the Artist-in-Residence Program

Do you have what it takes? Fill out the form below!


  • 10-15 images of work completed in the last 2 years. A minimum of 5 individual pieces of artwork are required.
  • Resume/CV
  • Brief artist statement (one page maximum)
  • Personal statement (one page maximum) explaining what you hope to accomplish personally and what you hope to bring to Mighty Mud studio during your residency. Additionally address what specific skills and qualities make you a good fit for the Mighty Mud Residency Program.
  • Names and contact info of 1-3 references

Residency includes:

  • Studio/work space in our classroom or artist group studios
  • Monthly stipend – $200
  • Clay and Glazes or glaze materials within reason
  • Ability to join any classes we offer free of charge
  • Teaching/assisting opportunities for extra pay
  • Solo show at the end of the residency in house or at another local gallery

Residency DOES NOT include:

  • Housing or food
  • Travel costs