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Studios for Rent

Mighty Mud offers studio space to over 60 different local artists. We hope you will stop by
and browse our artists’ offerings. (You may even catch them at work!)

Studio Spotlight: Ellie Kotsianas

Ellie Kotsianas-Christner Has been with us at Mighty Mud since 2014. She studied advertising and art at ETSU. Since then, she has been running her own pottery business, Bug Pottery. You can always recognize her work by her signature ladybug that she places on all her pieces. She specializes in customizable everyday functional ware along with decorative vases from the Arts & Craft movement. Suffering from a terrible staph infection and almost dying when she was younger, Ellie makes a point to donate a portion of all her sales to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. You can find her work at Check her out on (Instagram and Facebook)

Rent your own space

Do you need studio space?  Fill out the form below!

Single-shelf space: $125/month

  • This includes shelf, firing, glazing and equipment. $10 additional monthly fee for key with 24/hr access. This is a flat fee for all single shelves.

Gang space: $150/month

  • This includes a four-tier shelf, firing, glazing and equipment, including key with 24/hr access. This is a flat fee for all gang spaces.

Studio pricing

  • $2.50/sq ft. Studios larger than ‘gang space’ are required to choose which services to add upon signing a lease.
  • Kiln Firing $35 – All ceramic artist will pay this fee
  • Glazing $35- For use of studio glazes, underglazes, wax, and brushes
  • Equipment $30- Any tools or equipment that we maintain including wheels, slab rollers, extruders, tables, etc.
  • The base price of studio spaces larger than gang spaces can be split with others, but each member is responsible for their own fees and will be required to sign their own lease.
  • *Additional 5% discount if a card is on file for any studio rental.  Studio lessees have the opportunity to sell work from their space or in our gallery at 35% commission.