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Creating a Slab Butter Dish

Creating a Slab Butter Dish

Keep everyone in your home entertained with Mighty Mud’s Slab Butter Dish Project!  This is for all ages, kids and adults. Click the link below to purchase and reserve your box!  Slab Butter Dish pick up and drop off Hours: 11-3 Mon-Sat

Update 04/02/2020

We’re currently sold out of the Pinch Monster Box.  Follow us on Facebook to see our next project we’ll have!

Video Instruction

If you prefer to watch video instruction, see below.  Otherwise, keep scrolling for attached pictures.

Slab Butter Dish with Mighty Mud

Follow along with Mighty Mud.

Follow below for instructions.  You can download the printable instructions below.


Step 1:

  • This is your box.
  • In your box you have a plastic knife, 2 balls of clay, a heavy duty toothpick, rolling pin, templates and bubble wrap.
  • 1. Take out your clay and tools, and follow along

Step 2:

  • Start with the smaller ball of clay, flatten with your fist and begin rolling out to size of the bottom of butter dish template making sure clay is at least 1/4” thick.

Step 3:

  • Lay template down and cut out using either knife or heavy duty toothpick. Let sit and firm up for at least a half an hour.

Step 4:

  • Score the bottom of butter dish as seen in photo. Let sit and firm up for at least a half an hour.

Step 5:

  • Flatten and roll out larger ball of clay to at least ¼” thick and cut out dish cover. Let sit and firm up for at least a half an hour.

Step 6:

  • Starting with the butterdish bottom, scratch and attach all four corners using the heavy duty toothpick and a small amount of water.

Step 7:

  • Make sure corners are pushed together well and smooth any edges with your finger.

Step 8:

  • Do the same with the cover of butterdish by scratching and attaching with a small amount of water all four sides.

Step 9:

  • On the inside of the cover of the butter dish use flat end of heavy duty toothpick to mend the corners of cover and use fingers to mend and blend the outer corners of butter dish cover.

Step 10:

  • Here starts the creative process. On bottom of butter dish you can use your fingers to create a wavy pattern.

Step 11:

  • Use the bottom of a paintbrush or dowel to make a pattern on cover of dish.

Step 12:

  • If you fancy a handle make sure you scratch and attach.

Step 13:

  • When totally complete, place three strips of newspaper or paper towels as shown in picture on bottom of butter dish and then place the cover on top. Leave to dry.

Step 14:

  • Final example of our butter dishes, be sure to watch the video for the other one.


Once you’ve finished your slab butter dish, carefully, with an adult, wrap it in the bubble wrap. Then put it back in the box that it came in, you will probably want to put some newspaper around it so it won’t move around.

Have an adult bring the box back to Mighty Mud, make sure, with a marker, they put a name and phone number so that we can let you know when they are ready.

We will fire your butter dish in the kiln to make it hard. Please pick one of the following colors and we will dip your butter dish in that color before getting it back to you.

Slab butter dish Box Pick up and drop off Hours: 11-3 Mon-Sat