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Creating a Slab Scarecrow Head

Creating a Slab Scarecrow Head

Keep everyone in your home entertained with Mighty Mud’s Slab Scarecrow Head Project!  This is for all ages, kids and adults. Click the link below to purchase and reserve your box!  Pick up and drop off Hours: 11-3 Mon-Sat

Update 04/02/2020

We’re currently sold out of the Pinch Monster Box.  Follow us on Facebook to see our next project we’ll have!

Video Instruction

If you prefer to watch video instruction, follow along below.  Otherwise, keep scrolling for attached pictures.

Follow along with Mighty Mud.

Follow below for instructions.  You can download the printable instructions below.


Step 1:

  • This is your box.
  • In your box you have a knife, 1 ball of clay, a heavy duty toothpick, and bubble wrap.
  • Take out your clay and tools

Step 2:

  • Start with rolling out your clay as smooth as possible, between 1⁄2” and 1⁄4”. You can use the roller provided, a rolling pin from home, a piece of pipe, a can, etc… If it’s very sticky you can use corn starch or baby powder so it doesn’t stick to the roller.

Step 3:

  • Using a piece of paper as your guide. Cut out a rectangular shape. Remove excess clay and place to the side for future use.

Step 4:

  • Using the piece of paper as your guide make lines down your slab using your needle tool. Do not cut all the way through.

Step 5:

  • Take the excess clay and roll into a ball if not long enough to make the brim of the hat. Use the piece of paper as your guide.

Step 6:

  • To attach the rim of the hat you need to scratch both surfaces then add a small amount of water with your fingers to both sides and then press them down together. For the clay hanging off the slab use folded paper to keep it level. See image online.

Step 7:

  • Using excess clay this is your time to be creative in how you want your scarecrow to look. Just remember everything you add to it must be scratched and attached.

Step 8:

  • Use the pasta pieces to make flowers, butterflies, circles and wavy lines. You can just use it directly on the clay without cutting them out also.

Step 9:

  • More examples of texture and openings


Once you’ve finished, carefully, with an adult, wrap it in the bubble wrap. Then put it back in the box that it came in, you will probably want to put some newspaper around it so it won’t move around.

Have an adult bring the box back to Mighty Mud, make sure, with a marker, they put a name and phone number so that we can let you know when they are ready.

We will fire your house in the kiln to make it hard.  Pick up and drop off Hours: 11-3 Mon-Sat