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Creating a Slab Mug

Creating a Slab Mug

Keep everyone in your home entertained with Mighty Mud’s Slab Mug Project!  This is for all ages, kids and adults. Click the link below to purchase and reserve your box!  Slab Mug pick up and drop off Hours: 11-3 Mon-Sat

Update 04/02/2020

We’re currently sold out of this product.  Follow us on Facebook to see our next project we’ll have!

Video Instruction

If you prefer to watch video instruction, below are 2 great videos.  Otherwise, keep scrolling for attached pictures.

Slab Mug with Mighty Mud

Slab Mug with Jessica Putnam-Phillips

Follow along with Mighty Mud.

Follow below for instructions.  You can download the printable instructions below.


Step 1:

  • This is your box.
  • In your box you have a small rolling pin, plastic knife, ball of clay, heavy duty toothpick, and bubble wrap.

Step 2:

  • Start with rolling out your clay as smooth as possible, between ½” and ¼”.
  • You can use the roller provided, a rolling pin from home, a piece of pipe, a can, etc…
  • If it’s very sticky you can use corn starch or baby powder so it doesn’t stick to the roller.

Step 3:

  • Your slab needs to be around 9-12 inches long, whatever you need to wrap around your round object.


Step 4:

  • Measure two parallel lines on your slab, the distance between these lines will be the height of your mug.


Step 5:

  • Cut down the lines, ball up and compress your trimmed off clay.


Step 6:

  • Find a plastic cup, round cardboard, solo cup, etc…

  • You will use this object to wrap your clay around to create your mug.

  • Wrap a paper towel or newsprint around the object. You can use masking tape to secure the wrap to itself.


Step 7:

  • Roll your slab around your object, scratch the spot where the ends of the slabs come together using your toothpick.


Step 8:

  • Use a small amount of water on both scratched surfaces and press the two together and smooth out.

  • Trim off any excess clay with your knife.


Step 9:

  • Roll out the leftover clay


Step 10:

  • Set the wrapped cup on the new slab, measure and cut out around.


Step 11:

  • Scratch and attach the bottom of your slab cup to the cut out bottom you just made.


Step 12:

  • Smooth out your attachment and pull out the object you were wrapped around.


Step 13:

  • Smooth out your interior seam, with fingers and/or small paintbrush.


Step 14:

  • Rub the lip of your mug to make it smooth, use a little water with a piece of paper towel or fingers, see video.


Step 15:

  • Roll out a new slab, cut out whatever handle shape you like


Step 16:

  • Scratch and attach the handle to your mug


Step 17:

  • Another option is to roll out a snake for your handle


Step 18:



Once you’ve finished your slab mug, carefully, with an adult, wrap it in the bubble wrap. Then put it back in the box that it came in, you will probably want to put some newspaper around it so it won’t move around.

Have an adult bring the box back to Mighty Mud, make sure, with a marker, they put a name and phone number so that we can let you know when they are ready.

We will fire your mug in the kiln to make it hard. You have to make a decision, you need to pick one of the following colors then we will dip your mug in that color before getting it back to you. These mugs will be fully functional, dishwasher, microwave,  and food safe!

Box pick up and drop off hours are 11-3 M-S 127 Jennings Ave. Covered patio in parking lot