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COVID-19 Reopening Plan

COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Mighty Mud would like to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during the shut down. We will be following along with Knoxville’s guidelines for opening up local businesses. Please follow the link provided to find view our specific plans and to find out information about any class or event that might have been postponed or that is coming up. We hope to see you soon, safely.

Mighty Mud Reopening plans:

Mighty Mud will open for business Friday, May 1st and will proceed with normal hours tentatively going forward. Our six week classes will begin Sunday night May 3rd more details further down. This will be a work in progress and will adapt as we see needs, and we will morph as the city does every 28 days.

Retail operations: Our retail sales floor and gallery will be open. We will be cleaning and disinfecting regularly. There will be a barrier at the register similar to what you may have seen at other retail establishments. We encourage the use of masks while shopping. Please maintain 6’ spacing and do not shop with us if you are feeling ill.

6 Week Classes: As stated above the class, all, will be starting back up May 3 . We have

rearranged our wheels and table to provide opportunities for social distancing. Please wear cloth masks while in class and/or open studio times. Of course, please do not come in for a class if you are feeling ill. Teachers will be working with your class to maneuver you in shifts to different areas so that we aren’t clogging up specific areas of the studio at one time. i.e. Glazing area, cleaning up at sinks, wedging on tables, etc… If you do not feel comfortable coming back to class with the precautions we are putting in place we have a couple of options, you can forward the 4 weeks we owe you into a future class when you feel more comfortable or we could refund you for the four weeks of your class. (Your refund will not include price of clay and tools)

Single night classes: We are currently working through our single night classes that were postponed in late March and all of April and trying to reschedule them in May. Emails will be sent out soon about proposed rescheduling. Our Raku class, which is our largest, will be split into shifts so that we do not have 30+ people in a space at the same time. Our other classes which are mostly wheel will be limited in number and spaced appropriately. Please wear cloth masks during events.

Open Studio: This one can be a bit tricky, so bear with us. We want you to be able to come in and work, practice, glaze, etc… but we have to make sure we are taking the safety of each individual and staff into account. With that we will be attempting to limit the number of people working in any particular area based on being able to socially distant appropriately. I realize that is fluid, but we have to start somewhere. Please wear cloth masks in public studio areas and If you would like to call before making the trip out to the studio, we would be happy to let you know how many peeps are about.

Studio Members: Studio members by definition are those of you with a key. We ask that you read through the things we are doing above and take appropriate actions. Obviously working in your studio is perfectly acceptable and encouraged Coming in at times of lower people volume would be ideal, but we want you to feel safe and healthy, so please share any questions or concerns with us. When working in public spaces outside your studio please wear cloth masks.

Curbside: We will continue to offer curbside service at our pick up and drop off area. This includes calling the shop and ordering items from our retail area that we will bag up and place for pick up (including clay), bringing in items in to be fired, or purchasing our new at home clay kits. We also have the option on our site for you to purchase items and pick local pick up for shipping and we would put them on our curbside pick up.

We will be attempting to be as flexible as possible during this time. We hope that you will also be flexible with us during this time. We don’t know how all this will go down or each person’s comfort level being around each other and/or in the studio so please join us in practicing patience and understanding. We are confident we will get through this together.

If you have any questions or concerns about our plan please contact me directly.

Barron Hall
Owner [email protected]